Ministry of Defence land to be sold for 55,000 homes

Ministry of Defence land to be sold for 55,000 homes

The Ministry of Defence is selling-off 32,500 acres of surplus land which will be used to build 55,000 new homes.

The move is part of a major MoD review of its estate which will see 91 sites sold.

Defence chiefs will save £140m in maintenance costs for redundant buildings over the next ten years.

The MoD said: "More than 32,500 acres of excess defence land is being released, including ten surplus airfields and five golf courses, which will support the MOD in achieving its target to provide enough land for 55,000 homes, helping the Government contribute to its target of 160,000 new homes by 2020.
"There will also be significant economic benefits, providing employment opportunities for construction and the service industries across the UK."

The Ministry of Defence has included Fulwood Barracks in Lancashire as part of a list of 50 forces properties it proposes to close by 2022.

The decision to decommission Fulwood comes just 12 months after Army top brass announced a plan to extend and improve the barracks as part of a £10m investment in the North West.

It was said at the time 200 more troops would be moving to the base and plans included new Quartermasters stores and extensions to the officers' mess building. That application followed less than a year after earlier improvements including extending the sergeants mess and improving the sergeants and junior ranks accommodation.


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